LUX Custom Hand Painted Mural Wall

Luxury Home Remodeling Custom Hand Painted Wall Murals:

It’s like a Tattoo For Your Wall! Customize your wall however you want it!

Let us transport you to a memory or a vision. Perhaps a place you once lived or a vision of place you want to transport yourself to.  Your Custom Wall Art will Make Your Space Come to Life.

Our 2D/3D Designer is able to create a mock up and bring your vision to life with visual proofs before hand painting your wall mural.

Custom Hand Painted Wall Murals are appropriate in any room you see fit.

We can bring a room to life with a past time or a current vibe that you love. Custom art is better than wall paper in the sense that it is special and unique to you.

Custom Painted Themed Baby Nurseries.

Business’s find custom wall art useful, informative, and even make that business a hot spot that customers want to take pictures in front of and post to their social media.

We Work with You At Your Home, Business even Office Spaces!

Fast Turn Around Times + Unlimited Revisions!

  • LUX Custom Painted Themed Baby Nurseries
  • LUX Custom Business Mural: Inspire Team & Impress + Attract Customers
  • LUX Custom Statement Wall Murals
  • LUX Custom Hand Painted Projects for Eyesores (Think Utility Boxes and More)

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