Luxury Room Addition

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Luxury Home Remodeling offers Luxury Room Addition Solutions. Whether a Room Addition, Sun Room, or Sun Room addition. Anything considered a structural change in existing home layout Luxury Home Remodeling will assist from start to end. From Planning, Budgeting, Blueprint, 3D Design, Construction of Remodel and atlas Completion of Addition. Room Additions can not only add needed space and function to your home but has the potential to add valuable home value if done properly. Additions are becoming one of the most increasingly popular services that we offer for various reasons. Rest Assured Luxury Home Remodeling is extensively knowledgeable on home additions and is able to execute any room or home addition in the most professional and timely manner from beginning to the completion.

How Our Process Works:

Step 1) Initial meeting Luxury Home Remodeling Project Manager

Step 2) Meeting with Licensed Architect to Create New Proposed Floor Plan

Step 3) Approval of Design Plan. Obtain Needed Blue Prints & Submit to City

Step 4) Obtain And Pass/ Approve All City Permits

Step 5) Ready To Work. Leave It To Luxury Home Remodeling to Ensure Your Project Gets Executed from A-Z on time and with absolute high quality craftsmanship. 



What Qualifies As A Luxury Room Addition?

This answer is certainly up for debate but the short answer is that most luxury Room Addition have every bell and whistle imaginable and thus the cost can certainly exceed the average Room Addition.

Only about 14% of our Room Addition  is considered luxury as its with all the bells and whistles and thus is priced as such. Our goal is to obtain what you consider qualifies a Room Addition to suit your needs and budget

Do you offer Room Addition without the Luxurious Price Tag?

Short answer is Yes. We provide Room Addition based on your needs and wants. We can always find that middle ground and work with your budget to get you that attainable Room Addition you desire.

Do You Have Minimum Budget Requirement?

No. Minimum Budget Requirement For A Entire Room Addition varies by many factors.  We do not offer al la carte services- We only provide total Room Addition from start to finish so it’s important that we set realistic budget expectations for you.

Do You Offer FREE Room Addition Consultation ?

Yes! We offer Free Consults and Free Written Estimates. Just Call Us To Schedule.

Where Do You Service?

Luxury Home Remodeling is physically located in Downtown San Jose, CA. We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

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