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Our Services

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling
Let’s bring your dream kitchen to life.
Luxury Bathroom Remodeling
Latest and greatest solution to your bathroom.
Luxury Room Addition
Create your dream space beautifully
Luxury Pavers
Bricks, stones and tiles luxury paver
Luxury Pools
We build spectacular aquatic projects
Luxury Landscaping
Commercial & residential landscaping
Luxury Flooring
Beautiful yet functional flooring solutions
Luxury Interior
Innovative interior design solutions
Luxury Construction
Starting from the concept up to the Final Result
Complete luxury construction includes everything of high quality and we will keep your comfort lifestyle in mind.
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Luxury Remodel
Creating remodel that focused on Clients Needs
We help you create a brand new look of your house and will remove all the discomforts of your house, kitchen or bathroom.
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Luxury Renovate
Using the latest luxury renovation trends
Want to transform your house into your dream home? Let us offer you our superior quality complete renovation solutions.
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Frequently Asking Questions

What Qualifies As A Luxury Remodel?
This answer is certainly up for debate but the short answer is that most luxury remodels have every bell and whistle imaginable and thus the cost can certainly exceed the average kitchen remodel.
Do you offer Remodeling without the Luxurious Price Tag?
Short answer is Yes. We provide remodeling based on your needs and wants. We can always find that middle ground and work with your budget to get you that attainable kitchen remodel you desire.
Do You Offer FREE Remodeling Consultation?
Yes! We offer Free Consults and Free Written Estimates. Just Call Us To Schedule.
Do You Have Minimum Budget Requirement?
Minimum Budget Requirement varies by many factors. We do not offer al la carte services- We only provide services from start to finish so it’s important that we set realistic budget expectations for you.
Do You Offer Al La Carte Remodeling?
No, We take on total remodeling and renovation projects. In some instances if for example you have a few things you need done ie) Cabinets and Counter/ Island we may take it on just depending on our current work volume at that time. Please contact us and we will kindly let you know if we can be of assistance.
Where Do You Service?
Luxury Home Remodeling is physically located in Downtown San Jose, CA. We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area.