Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Luxury Home Remodeling offers luxury bathroom remodeling and renovation services. Bathrooms are possibly one of the most used rooms in the home its understandable that you would want to feel as if you’ve just walked into a luxury oasis, a clean environment that is inviting for you to wash the day away.

Imagine; Luxury Showers. Luxury Saunas/Steam Room Showers. Luxury Jetted Soaking Tubs. Luxury Toilets, Luxury Sinks, Counter to Ceiling Large Mirrors, Luxury Vanity Cabinetry, Luxury Bathroom Storage Solutions, and Luxurious Vanity/ Make-Up Stations.

We take care of the in between details too: Bathroom Plumbing, Electrical, Ventilation, Heating, Plans, 3D Designs, and Any Necessary Permits.

Bathroom Design and Construction Speciality Services:

  • LUX Toilets / Bidet
  • LUX Soaking Bath Tubs
  • LUX Jetted Bath Tubs
  • LUX Heated Bathroom Floors
  • LUX Bathroom Saunas
  • LUX Bathroom Steam Rooms
  • LUX Custom Designed Shower Enclosures
  • LUX Designer Paint, Accessories and Finishes
  • LUX Custom Vanities and Make Up “Get Ready Stations”
  • LUX Design Fixtures
  • LUX Bathroom Windows
  • LUX Lighting and Accent Lighting
  • LUX Custom Tile Shower and Walls
  • LUX Bathroom Vanity Cabinetry
  • LUX Bathroom Flooring
  • LUX Sinks
  • LUX Faucets & Finishes

What Qualifies As A Luxury Bathroom Remodel?

This answer is certainly up for debate but the short answer is that most luxury bathroom remodels have every bell and whistle imaginable and thus the cost can certainly exceed the average bathroom remodel.

Only about 14% of our bathroom remodeling is considered luxury as its with all the bells and whistles and thus is priced as such. Our goal is to obtain what you consider qualifies a luxurious bathroom to suit your needs and budget

Do you offer Bathroom Remodeling without the Luxurious Price Tag?

Short answer is Yes. We provide bathroom remodeling based on your needs and wants. We can always find that middle ground and work with your budget to get you that attainable bathroom remodel you desire.

Do You Have Minimum Budget Requirement?

Yes. Minimum Budget Requirement For A Entire Bathroom Remodel is starting at 35k+ Because we do not offer al la carte services (such as just bathroom counter replace). We only provide total bathroom remodeling from start to finish so it’s important that we set realistic budget expectations for you.

Do You Offer Al La Carte Remodeling?

No, We take on total bathroom remodeling and renovation projects. In some instances if for example you have a few things you need done we may take it on just depending on our current work volume at that time. Please contact us and we will kindly let you know if we can be of assistance.

Do You Offer FREE Bathroom Remodeling Consultation?

Yes! We offer Free Consults and Free Written Estimates. Just Call Us To Schedule.

Where Do You Service?

Luxury Home Remodeling is physically located in Downtown San Jose, CA. We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

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